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Christopher Smith: What's New?

Christopher Wanders The World

Christopher is currently on sabbatical, living and writing in Singapore. He is woodshedding like crazy, crafting a new batch of songs , many inspired by his frequent travels in Southeast Asia. In addition to exploring Singapore, he has traveled recently to Australia, India, Thailand and Bali, with many more trips on the horizon. This wanderlust is all acting as grist for the mill in the creation of his new tunes. Christopher is scheduled to return to America each summer for the festival season until he returns to his beloved California permanently in March of 2018. At that time he'll be taking all his new songs out for a spin Meanwhile, he will post any summer gigs here in What's New. Feel free to contact Christopher at his tropical hideaway, the Singapore Woodshed by way of email:

FarWest Folk Alliance Showcases

Anyone coming to FarWest in Eugene OR? I'm an "Official" Showcaser this year (finally cracked that nut) so, if you're going, I hope to see you at one of my late-night gigs over the weekend. Here's my schedule:

Thursday nt., Oct 20: 10:30 pm in the Circle of Song room, hosted by Karl Smiley, room #330

Friday nt., Oct 21: 1:30 am in the Circle of Song room, hosted by Karl Smiley, room #330

Saturday nt., Oct 22: 9:20 pm FarWest Official Showcase in the Jacqua Concert Hall
11:10 pm in the Access Film room, hosted by Mike Beck, room #311
12:30 am in Bill & Kate Isles room #308
1:30 am in the Access Film room, hosted by Mike Beck, room #311

Twisted Open release

After dragging our feet on the Barefoot In LA release, we have rekindled an old record idea, which has turned this whole project upside down.

We are now in the final stretch of Twisted Open; a double record exposing two sides of the same soul. Hang in there, we hope to have it available online and in hard copy by early January. Stay tuned!

Celebrating Steve Key's Birthday - October 7, 2013

Christopher will be playing a few tunes in honor of Steve Key's birthday this Wednesday, October 9th at the Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco. (7pm) Steve is a peach of a songwriter who hosts the series Songwriters at Play along the central coast of California. The Bazaar is a great listening room that also happens to make a delicious chicken curry. Come on down!

San Luis Obispo this Tuesday - July 19, 2012

Christopher will be playing a short set this Tuesday, July 24th in San Luis Obispo. He starts at 6:30. Here are the details:

Kreuzberg Cafe is at 685 Higuera Street., San Luis Obispo 93401
805.439.2060, All ages are welcome, no cover charge

This is part of Steve Keys' Songwriters At Play series:

New Song Video - April 3, 2011

Christopher is hoping that his new song, Wisconsin Rail, will have a short shelf life. But you never know. Banjo alert! Wear protective clothing!!

SONGBOMB TODAY - February 6, 2011

Toddle on over to Tim Riordan's to hear the song that Christopher wrote on Superbowl Sunday, (instead of watching football). It's a cool website. Tim commits to writing a song each day for the month of February and he invites a gang of friends from all over the country to write a song in a day. He's fearless! Check it out.

FAME Gravedigger's Boy Review - September 1, 2008

Frank Gutch Jr. wrote a wonderful review of Gravedigger's Boy on the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME) website.

Check out the full review on the press page and at the FAME website today.

5th at 2008 Folks Fest Showcase - August 25, 2008

Christopher placed 5th at the 2008 Songwriter Showcase at the Folks Fest in Lyons, CO.

689 entries from all over the world were submitted this year so the competition was tough.

Past showcase finalists include Erica Wheeler, Don Conoscenti, Karen Pernick, Deb Talan, Dan Sheridan, Dee Carstensen, Mitch Barrett, Sarah Sample and many others.

For a complete update. please go to -

Sing Out! Reviews Gravedigger's Boy - May 1, 2008

Sheldon Scott wrote a fantastic review of Gravedigger's Boy in the Spring 2008 issue of Sing Out! Magazine.

Check out the full review on the press page and go out and pick up the Spring issue of Sing Out! today.

Gravedigger's Boy makes the Folk DJ List - November 15, 2007

Gravedigger's Boy is in the top 10 on the Folk DJ list!

Makin' My Own and the title track, Gravedigger's Boy, are played the most but every song is getting spins.

We love you Folk DJs and we love folk radio!

Dead Horse Trampoline on YouTube - June 7, 2007

Click below to see Christopher playing Dead Horse Trampoline at the CD Release Concert at the Larkspur Cafe Theatre on June 1st.


Christopher Smith announces the CD release event for Gravedigger’s Boy, his 2nd CD of all original songs. The new album contains 12 original songs all written and performed by Smith including the award winning title track “Gravedigger’s Boy”.

Dead Horse Trampoline Phenom - March 9, 2007

dead horse trampolining is becoming the new hobby on college campuses nationwide...

Gravedigger's Boy Download Available - September 9, 2006

On the music page, you can find this tune available for download. It's a home demo version, available for a limited time -- it will be gone once the new record comes out. This tune won best song at Mountain Stage's NewSong Festival in West Virginia in 2003.

Back In The Studio - June 9, 2006

I'm back in the studio with Christopher Krotky at Seven Generations Studios, working on the next cd. This one will lean a little further toward a traditional sound (even though the tunes are all original). It will be available by summer 2007.

A Side Job! - January 9, 2005

As many of you know, I am a mild mannered kindergarten teacher by day (that's where I make the BIG money!) and I frequently write and perform music for children. I was recently hired to work on a project that involves writing children's songs for a computer software company in L.A.. I can't say a lot about the program yet, except that it is a phonics based reading program for beginners. The songs I'm writing come from a very limited word list -- sort of Cat In The Hat-ish. This project will go a long way towards funding the next adult cd. More info to follow as it becomes available.

Overtown Footage - January 9, 2005

The song Overtown is available to be downloaded on the music page. This song is based on a true story. To read about it, and even see a little video clip, cut and paste the following CNN link:

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